Angela Merkel: The Chancellor and Her World by Stefan Kornelius

This a well written engaging look at the childhood, rise, realms, challenges, and current tenure of Chancellor Merkel. This is only the second book translated into English from German on Chancellor Merkel; and it's quite thought provoking. In this "authorized biography" by Stefan Kornelius, we see a look back into the childhood life of the Chancellor and her experience living in East Germany and the challenges dreams, and desires she faced along the way. We are exposed to her ideas of the West and dreams of one day traveling to the United States, in particularly California. She explains how there were very few opportunities to leave East Germany and the ones who did get a chance to leave often worked in the science field.  Angela Merkel had a very interesting and sheltered childhood growing up under the tyranny of the Soviet Zone. Growing up she was often interested in political discourse and  her views were shaped heavily by the influence of Russia/USSR, the homeland of Germany, and the "Pacific dreams" of visiting the West.


 Her relationships with national leaders often resembles her early childhood ideas and interactions. She feels a personal responsibility to foster unique relations with Israel because of the history between the two countries and the personal connection to the region. Germany's' status in Europe is discussed in detail throughout most of the book. The economic relationship or cooperation between Germany and China is summarizes as a difficult but necessary one. The vast cultural differences and communication challenges of dong business have created challenges along the way. There are "5000 German businesses operating in China." Germany and China enjoy the closest relationship within the Eurozone. The rise of China coincides with the expertise of German engineering. The relationship with China will be one to watch and as it remains authoritarian yet a growing desire for freedom of speech and prosperity continues to rise.

This book provides great insight into the German perspective and it's current foreign policy relationships. It is a small window into the life and tenure of Angela Merkel, often called the "world's most powerful woman."  

A quote from the book to summarize:

"Merkel will have the satisfaction of knowing that she has not only seen the world, as she wanted to do in her childhood dreams, but has understood it and changed its course a little.

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