Tribes by Seth Godin

This book is a must read for those want to do something different. For those who, even refuse to follow the traditional path of work, life, and career. Tribes is a brutally honest challenge and expose of what it means to step up and lead, as well as an articulation of why so many people just live and die taking their ideas and dreams to the grave. If you have never ventured outside of what seems like a normal way of doing things, Tribes will be pushy almost vulgar because many have never been exposed to the ideas presented. The read encompasses many different subjects across many disciplines and "industries" if you will. Yet Godin is able to explain through many examples just why groups come together and how they, communicate, and make things happen.  Godin emphasizes traditional and modern, and out-of-the-box examples of behavior, business, artistry, marketing and trust. He takes a deep dive into authenticity and connection amongst individuals and groups as well as why some stand out and others remain quiet.

The format is written in small stanzas some only 2 or 3 paragraphs long instead of the traditional chapter by chapter method. It is a thought-evoking read, some things are funny, some make you think, and some make you cringe. This book will undoubtedly challenge you to look at things differently and a few brave readers will accept the dare and go make something happen.

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