The Startup Game by William H. Draper III

There are some books you read once and just never pick up again. Then there are books like The Startup Game that you don't read but rather you study; reading more than once and returning for highlighted references and insightful stories.  If you are interested in a rare glimpse into the world of the entrepreneur/venture capitalist relationship this is a must read! We see the early history of the growth of a regional area now known as Silicon Valley unfold through the eyes one of it's earliest family of forefathers. We see stories of risking it all, making tough decisions, huge returns, and maintaining integrity. We see 40 years worth of experience, failure & triumph condensed into less than 300 pages. We see a view on the rise of global entrepreneurship and venture capitalism as William Draper ventures to China and India. In this book we are not only taught about profits and management but about the importance of building relationships and standing on principle.

This is a must add to your library. What other startup related books have you read?

You can purchase a copy here: THE STARTUP GAME

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